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From The Sound After The Flash
Hep C  
Angry Lost Mad and Sad 

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  About Tristan Israel
Tristan Israel is a Singer/Songwriter who lives on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and he has been performing in public since the early 70's when he was with the band "The Penciltappers ". Tristan has been a fixture on the local music scene and his style of writing and playing is unique, blending many musical influences from old country blues to folk and rock and even some jazz. His music is at times topical and always surprising. His latest cd, "The Sound after the Flash", has some very accomplished musicians including veteran performer Paul Thurlow who plays an amazing variety of instruments and also adds his vocal talents. The accomplished fiddle player Nancy Jephcote does wondrous licks on many tracks and Mike Israel adds his noted drum skills on one number as well. The cd was mastered in Nashville by Casey Wood. The cover photo was done by Allan Whiting. Noted tracks include "Bonobos", which speaks to the peril those wondrous primates face in the Congo, "Hep C" which deals with a topic that many shy away from but a topic that really needs a light shone on it and "Reunion", a powerful ballad about the passage of time. There is also a song about Maynard Silva who brought his unique blues style to this area for many years and who is still very much missed. This cd was a year in the making and it reflects the artistry and passion of a very talented artist.

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